Why Choose Weldgas?
Weldgas is a vast and comprehensive range of UK tested gas equipment. We are constantly striving to provide you with the most advanced and safe equipment possible. Our design and development processes are frequently revised so that we are able to bring you the Weldgas range as you know it; with built to last performance.
Consistently revising our designs means that the Weldgas range is never out of style. Our products utilise the latest technology available and this, combined with our 40 years’ experience in the field, gives our users immaculate results and unrivalled precision; making you the best in the business.
Assembling our own range of gas equipment using our ample stock means that Weldgas are also able to tender to special requirements. Whether you are looking for region specific products or special connections, Weldgas can meet your expectations.
Your safety is also at the forefront of our efforts. We rigorously QA test our regulators upon assembly, as well as prior to despatch, to ensure that they are safe for use at all times, in all environments, during all applications. As well as this, our regulators are also ignition tested by a European institute so that the materials used comply with UK and European Standards, to give you extra peace of mind.
The Weldgas range can give you the edge required to excel in this industry thanks to our UKAS standard in-house test facility. This facility gives us 400 bar of high purity, breathing quality air to test all regulators up to an outlet pressure of 300 bar. We have the ability to pressure, flow test, monitor creep up, lock up, pressure drop and check for gauge accuracy. The master test equipment itself is tested on a 6-monthly basis, including an air quality test to ensure that no impurities enter the equipment at the time of testing.
After all, to be the best you have to have the best…so why not Weldgas?