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Weldfast UK is extremely grateful for the hard work of the Key workers and the #NHS at this time. Following Key Government guidelines, we are able to remain open and functional.

Any enquires please send to
#Weldfast #welding #COVID19 #Together

Funding from #ERDF SME IGP has helped market-leading wholesaler and manufacturer @weldfastMWA to grow #export from 5% to 15% in two years!

The ERDF project enables SMEs to internationalise their business and achieve global growth.

Call 0345 222 0159 to find out how!

Introducing the NEW Weldgas gas cylinder wall brackets

Store your cylinders in a safe and secure way. Single, double and triple cylinder capacity brackets now available. Rugged design and finished with a durable powder coating.
For more info call our sales team: 01782566553

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