A New Year, A New Weldfast?

2019 brought a year of prosperity and upgrades. The introduction of many brand ranges including the ever in demand Fume extraction has increase the plethora of equipment we stock and sell.

New catalogues have been or will be produced this year to make ordering an easy and labourless process. New catalogues ready to be sent include Honeywell, 3M & MWA product Guides. Catalogues currently in the pipeline to be produced include the eagerly anticipated Welding Torch Catalogue, Weldgas Catalogue, and also the full MWA range catalogue! Please enquire if you would like a catalogue as and when they are ready.

The creation of new gas testing facilities, CP7 Gas training course, MWA expansion overseas combined with old and new members of staff, Weldfast MWA is reaching new levels of success and we cannot wait to see how much further the company can progress in 2020.

For regular updates follow our various social media platforms and watch out for the exciting developments we are yet to disclose. 2020 will be a year of accomplishment and we want to join us.